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Shifu Walter Puza

Mastering Advanced Pressure Point Techniques


Saturday; August 11, 2012;

Begins 1:00 PM


Asian Institute of Healing Arts

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Kyusho points or pressure points are terms used by various martial artists, to describe vital areas that are struck on the body to induce an opponent to be knocked out or killed! These techniques have been handed down through the
Chinese and Okinawan masters for many generations. By striking, pushing or rubbing these vital areas, they can knock an opponent to the ground, render a limb useless, or even result in serious injury or worse. These points can be used in many different situations, including self protection or sporting events like mixed martial arts.

In this workshop, Shifu Walter Puza, will teach you the secrets of advanced pressure point training. You will learn the most common points used in combat. You will learn the most effective way to strike the points and the roll intention plays in their assault. You will be taught advanced strike combinations, how to “light up” points, and then deliver the follow through. You will also be taught how to train these points in a safe manner.

This workshop is especially designed to be form agnostic, not revolving around any particular system or style. It’s focus will be pure combat, and it’s participants will be encouraged to examine movements from their own systems, to discover the pressure point secrets within. Join Shifu Puza in this eye opening workshop, as he teaches you techniques from his decades of pressure point fighting experience, and shows you how this knowledge can be applied to your own system, to greatly enhance your own self-defense capabilities. Learn how to unlock the inner door secrets of your own form.

Don’t miss this opportunity, to discover the secrets of pressure point combat, and how they can be applied to your own system or martial art form(s).

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