Home Payment Plan


Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll be given the choice of either paying for your registration in full, or making a partial payment as the first installment of your payment plan. The minimum required amount, beginning with your first payment, is $25. Each following month, you will be sent a reminder email to visit your online account to make another payment. While the minimum payment is $25 per month, you may pay more than that at any time, visit your online account more than once a month, or pay in full whenever you like. Balances must be paid up no later than May 16th. If your remaining balance falls below $25, you will only be expected to pay whatever the final amount is.

Keep in mind that there is a small processing fee added to your balance by the online registration company. Rather than increase the cost of attendance to cover this fee, the decision was made to separate the service fee from the event registration. This allows the service fee to be avoided by mailing in your paper registration, paid in full by check.

Note: there are no refunds for folks on the payment plan.